Palometrics Studio

Palometrics Archlab (PAL) is a multi-disciplinary lab studio that incorporates architecture, visual arts, and the performance arts.

Abstract Plan
Abstract Plan
Recognition of the space

For the design of this studio/workspace we have created RIBBON OF AWARENESS as our focus. The contouring/sectioning of the building is introduced as an organization manuscript for this particular programed space.

Sectioning the building
Contouring/sectioning of the building.

Furthermore, Ribbon fits this manuscriptas a special piece creating and understanding a series of spaces under the lens of perception. Ribbon makes us AWARE of different events in time and space in a very short sequence.

Area names
Area Names

We understand that there is a threshold in between modes of organization and activity. Therefore, we trace patterns of circulation of the user in plan view, resulting in spaces that will allow for different activities and reactions.

Spaces for different activities.

Video from the oppening