Form, function and luxury

Interview with Hotel Mousai’s Architect and Creative Director

Emerging boldly from the palm-covered Sierra Madre Mountains as you drive south along the coastal road from Puerto Vallarta, Hotel Mousai dazzles in the sunshine promising chic jungle adventure with cutting-edge style. But what inspiration lies behind this architectural feat? We spoke to architect, Carlos Palomera and Hotel Mousai’s Creative Director to find out just what makes Hotel Mousai the trendiest new arrival to hit Puerto Vallarta this decade.

What was the inspiration behind Hotel Mousai’s external architecture?

CP: Art and nature. Firstly, with such spectacular views of Banderas Bay, we had to find ways to creatively capitalize on the mind-blowing views and lush green jungle that surrounds as well as design a hotel where both public and private spaces become three dimensional works of art.
Being 18 floors, we wanted Hotel Mousai to harmonize with its environment yet remain striking. This brought us to a multi-layered architectural response to the organic contours of the mountains, maximizing the views of the city skyline on the horizon as well as the sweeping outline of Banderas Bay.

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